Thursday, June 27, 2013

Doncaster Hill needs train station: council

What do you think. Does Doncaster Hill need a train station?

MANNINGHAM council has called on the state and federal governments to extend a potential Doncaster train line to its highrise Doncaster Hill precinct.... Read More

To me it does seem strange not to have the train station go to Doncaster Hill which is a central hub of activity in the area. If I recall correctly 70% plus of retail activity in the area happens at Shoppingtown. The Doncaster Park & Ride isn’t near anything. If you look at most train stations they are located at community centres, although some stations aren’t, but Shoppingtown is certainly a focus for the area. What is missing at Shoppingtown is suitable long term parking and if that was made available then the need for the Park & Ride would largely disappear.

I’m still not certain the train line is needed at all. Templestowe is located close to Eltham, Bulleen to Heidelberg and Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale runs parallel to the Box Hill line which would only be about 10 minutes away from Doncaster line. Not sure if this one has really been thought by everyone. Personally I’d prefer the money was spent on a train line to the Tullamarine airport which I think would benefit a lot more people.

Only about 13% of people in the Manningham area currently use public transport. The real question is would you stop using your car if a train line was built?

If I go into the city I use the Smartbus. It takes about 45 minutes plus the walking and waiting time. If the train is built I’d have to catch a bus and a train and with the waiting time between each mode of transport I can’t see how it would be any faster and suspect it would be slower. I’m not convinced about the train for my needs as a Templestowe resident. But I should add I’m not a city worker. If the majority in the area are interested in a train and would use the train I’m happy to support the building of the train line.

- Kelvin Eldridge
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