Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Halls for Hire to cost more in Manningham

I recently read an article indicating Manningham council will make hiring security mandatory when hiring a hall.

Manningham Council chief executive Lydia Wilson said the council had liaised with Doncaster police to change the policies of its Party Safe program to make hiring security mandatory on council-owned property.

If you’re considering hiring a council owned hall for your next event you should enquire about, or at least make an allowance for hiring security.

When I checked the Manningham site for the halls they hire I noticed it didn’t cover the community owned facilities where functions are regularly held and young people attend.

It is a pity there are gate crashers in the area and my own experience verifies young people turning up to a party uninvited.

When looking at hiring a council owned hall compared to having a function at commercial premises make sure you take into account costs such as security as council owned halls. Commercial premises I’ve checked out make no mention of security and often already have security in place.

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