Saturday, February 11, 2012

Templestowe Lower notebook wireless networking not working (notebook repair)

Recently a customer in Templestowe Lower (called Lower Templestowe by most locals) called me out as the wireless networking on their notebook computer wasn’t working, but it was working on their iPad.

Their ASUS notebook had an external wireless dongle which I thought was a bit weird since it also had wireless built in. I repaired the computer and got the internal wireless working which fixed the problem. Whilst there I also cleaned up the computer and installed a good quality free anti-virus solution, which I’ve found through testing, to be better than other free anti-virus solutions and most of the commercial anti-virus solutions. The client no longer has to pay for an anti-virus solution every year.

The customer was very happy with the service. They were happy I was local. The previous person came from the other side of Melbourne. They were particularly impressed with the value I provided. The previous person charged $250 for fifteen minutes. I only charge for the time involved which would have been $33 for the same task. I understand the business model of other companies where they charge a set fee, and if they’re in and out quickly, they still charge the fee, but had they know about my service, they could have saved themselves over $200.

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