Friday, September 2, 2011

Paul's collect-a-cap organisations your can donate your caps to.

The Paul’s collect-a-cap promotion appears to be a good way to community groups to raise much needed funds. The amount for each cap is reasonable and all people need to do is to collect the caps from products they already use. Paul’s would probably also like you to switch the product you buy and if you do and it doesn’t cost you any more then why not participate.

If you would like to collect caps but don’t for example have children in one of the participating schools then you can probably donate your caps to one of the local groups. That way your caps end up helping others.

The following are community groups that are currently registered in the area to participate.

Marcellin College – Bulleen
Gum Nut Gully Pre-School - Doncaster East
Ss Peter & Paul's Primary - Doncaster East
Beverley Hills Primary School - Doncaster East
Templestowe Heights Primary - Templestowe Lower
Templestowe Valley Primary - Templestowe Lower
Eltham North Primary - Eltham North
Glen Katherine Primary School - Eltham North
Monty's Licensed Supermarket – Montmorency

This list may grow in time as others participate so you may wish to check the Paul’s site for other groups in your area.

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